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Robert Purcell is a classically trained pianist of over 25 years. He graduated Oswego State University in 2005 with a bachelors degree in piano performance. Having such a fascination with how the piano is constructed, the decision was made to attend the North Bennet Street School in the North End of Boston to study piano technology.

After graduating North Bennet Street School, he moved to New York and worked for Allegro Pianos for 2 years servicing high end pianos in the Connecticut and greater NYC area. In 2010 Robert took a position at Mason and Hamlin relocating him to Massachusetts where he worked for over 8 years in the keyboard department as the head voicer.

In 2019, he took a full time position at Falcetti Pianos in Natick, Ma where his responsibilities include showroom piano prep of high level pianos bringing them to performance ready instruments as well as field work service as well. Pianos need more prep work after the manufacturing process to really optimize the instrument and bring out the full sonic possibilities of each piano.

Robert is a very experienced piano technician and is dedicated to satisfying each customer. As a concert pianist, it is understood how important it is to have a piano in tip top shape. There is nothing like playing on a piano that actually sings when you play it. It is very inspiring.

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